Welcome to the Drava basin!
Dear Visitor! A magical region and a unique project is to be introduced to you on the pages of this website. We show you an example of the selfless cooperation of municipalities, environmentalists and local citizens. To show what results can be born from unity for the aim of development and rising a region using the possibilities of competitions. Here, the most cleaner river, the Drava means the connection. This website is to introduce the region involved with the Drava project, its content is not full yet, but will be expanding with the introduction of new estabilishments.

A unique, untouched natural world greets the visitors along the Drava river. From Őrtilos to Drávaszabolcs several protected plants and animals can be found...
New estabilishments
In 29 towns 41 new touristical estabilishments will ge ready by March 2008 in the Drava- basin. This page introduces the single project units...
Actual events
Permanent events

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