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7846 Drávacsepely, Dózsa u. 2.
Tel.: 72/580-230
Fax: 72/580-106
E-mail: kovacshida.kj@axelero.hu
Mayor:Bónis Gyuláné
E-mail: kovacshida.kj@axelero.hu

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To the first-time visitor Drávacsepely is a true surprise. A narrow approach road widens into a dual carriageway as far as the village centre. From spring until autumn it as if the visitor has landed into the middle of a flower-filled forest, where the inhabitants pay particular attention to the neatness of their houses, as does the council to the public areas. The square, in which the bicycle-tour station has been formed as part of the Dráva Project, is particularly attractive. It is a useful stopping place for travellers, arriving on foot, horseback and bike, offering the chance to rest and wash, and for campfire cooking. The nearby playground is attractive to children, whilst the neighbouring football pitch allows the older ones to let off steam. Drávacsepely may also prove a suitable base for horse riding activities. Until 1900 the village was known as Csepel, a name still in use today by the villagers, the Dráva prefix being added in 1903. It was already known in the 12th century and during the Anjou period was called Chepely. The inhabitants changed their religion to Protestantism during the Turkish occupation.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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