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7817 Diósviszló, Petőfi u. 106.
Tel.: 72/379-061
Fax: 72/379-061
Webpage: www.diosviszlo.hu
E-mail: kolrgas@axelero.hu
Mayor:Keserűné Nagy Margit
Tel.: 72/379-061
E-mail: kolrgas@axelero.hu

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The Eastern Gateway to the Ormánság

On entering the gateway to the Ormánság the traveller is sure to muse on the harmony of the landscape. "The village is a settlement with an important past. In the Middle Ages it boasted a castle", states the Chronicle. It also mentions a cloister, which disappeared during the Turkish occupation. Originally the village stood on swampy ground, right up to the middle of the 18th Century, when it was moved to its present site. The oral tradition remained until recently of how the people of Viszló towed some of their wooden framed houses with oxen to their current location. But all this belongs to the past. Today the visitor is greeted by a spruce, flower-filled village, thanks to the efforts of the local council. The Ormánság Gate, raised in 2002, may be found in a beautiful small park. The village's tourist attractions have been enhanced by the most recent addition - the library, exhibition room, handicrafts workshop and accommodation - which was converted in 2007 from an old peasant house and in whose yard may be found an interesting corn-loft, serving as a fine example of vernacular architecture.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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