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8840 Csurgó, Széchenyi tér 2.
Tel.: 82/471-388, 30/445-4226
Fax: 82/471-095
Webpage: www.csurgo.hu/
E-mail: hivatal@csurgo.hu
Mayor:Füstös János
Tel.: 82/471-388

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Csokonai and the old library

Close to the row of old chestnut trees in the centre of Csurgó lies the protected park of the Protestant Grammar School. This symbol of the town was founded in 1792 by Count Festetics and the former school now houses the town museum with its rich collection of local-history material. It is also home of an international art camp held each summer. The current school building was founded in 1896 and is surrounded by the aforementioned park. Many famous names of the day are linked to the founding of the school and Mihály Vitéz Csokonai, during his time as a teacher here, wrote many begging letters asking for books, as there was no school library. Over time a rich collection came into being, which today is unique. Nearby stands the Korona Hotel, built in 1895 and the former savings bank palace, which is today the Town Hall. The eclectic building of the library dates from the beginning of the last century and the Meller House from the 1880's. The Csokonai Community Centre also adorns the town centre, its upper floor a tourist information centre affording a taste of the flora and fauna of the National Park.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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