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8852 Zákány, Május 1. u. 6.
Tel.: 82/596-056
Fax: 82/596-055
Webpage: www.zakany.hu/
E-mail: zakanyhiv@techno-tel.hu
Mayor:Jankó Szabolcs
Tel.: 82/596-056
E-mail: zakanyhiv@techno-tel.hu

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An unparalleled panorama

Zákány is the meeting point of three ranges of hills, of which Látó Hill offers the most spectacular panorama. From here we may revel in the sight of the vineyards beneath us, whilst the meandering River Dráva marks the national border, over which we can almost reach out and touch the towns of Croatia. Until the 1980's the landowners required a permit to enter this area and for this reason the game has been left undisturbed. Poet Mihály Vitéz Csokonai paid tribute to the fine wines of the village and today prize-winning wines are once again produced on the former estate of Count Zichy, where a new guesthouse has been built above the two-hundred-year old wine cellars. On the top of Magas Hill a new lookout tower has been built, from which we may see the whole of the village at our feet and the distant Varasdi Hills. The visitor may enjoy a stroll along the 10-kilometre study trail following the Zákány-Őrtilos railway line. Also of note is the village's Roman Catholic church, built from donations in 1931, in honour of Saint Imre. In the churchyard we may also find a fine wooden sculpture of the Virgin Mary.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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