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7843 Kémes, Kossuth L. u. 71.
Tel.: 73/495-101
Fax: 73/495-042
E-mail: K4795@koznet.hu
Mayor:Ignáczné Harmath Hajnalka
E-mail: K4795@koznet.hu

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Vernacular architecture

A copper coin from Roman times found here proves that Tésenfa has a long history. It has been occupied by Hungarians since the arrival of the Magyars some thousand years ago. Today the population has changed somewhat, although the character of the peasant houses has remained. The neat rows of small cottages are given a friendly individuality in their details - a chain of red paprika drying on the terrace, with decorative guttering, by the neatness of the yard, or by the flowers in the front garden. Entrance to the houses from the wide road is by crossing the whitewashed bridges in front of them. Visitors wandering through the Dráva Basin will enjoy seeing this charming village and will easily convince themselves that the inhabitants like to live here. The locals will be sure to point out their Protestant church, their parish being one of the oldest in the county. Next to the church the Heroes Memorial reminds us of the local victims of the World Wars. The village now has a new building near to the church where, thanks to the Dráva Project, a picnic area, campfire and parking facilities have been provided.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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