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7843 Kémes, Kossuth L. u. 5.
Tel.: 73/495-084
Fax: 73/495-042
E-mail: K4795@koznet.hu
Mayor:Kovács János
E-mail: K4795@koznet.hu

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The keeper of woven fabrics

In the tiny village of Szaporca we can meet with memories of the everyday life of forgone days in the weaving house and shepherd's house, their peace maintained partly by the cul-de-sac nature of the village, but also thanks to the longstanding nature reserve found nearby. The area has a fantastically rich bird life, filling the skies and reed beds, including the Little Egret, which nests here. Beside this rarity there is the rich and interesting flora of the backwater of the River Dráva to be experienced. The village is first mentioned in1251, under the aristocratic sounding name of Villa Zaporcha. It is also later mentioned as belonging to Siklós Castle. The welcoming villagers will be happy to show the Protestant church, built in 1888, or the World War memorial, but they are most proud of Mrs. Pál Soós, a master weaver, now in her eighties, whose weavings employ those Ormánság motifs inherited from her mother. These may currently be viewed in a room of her own house, although she also is awaiting the opening of the weaving-house museum, to which she has promised one of her weaving frames.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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