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8858 Somogybükkösd, Fő u. 79.
Tel.: 82/472-078; 30/640-97-26
Webpage: www.somogy.hu/somogybukkosd
E-mail: porrog@somogy.hu
Mayor:Győrfy Miklós
Tel.: 82/472-078; 30/640-97-26
E-mail: porrog@somogy.hu

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Relaxing in the manor park

A true rarity of the Somogybükkösd vineyards is the 150-year-old thatched wine-cellar. The approach to the vineyards can also be an experience if approaching from Csurgó, for one must follow the so called, "seven crooked road". The locals claim that their ancestors built this windy road thus in order that the horse-drawn carts could climb the hill more easily. It is said of Somogybükkösd that even the birds rarely visit here, but it is for this very reason that this remote village has preserved its innocence. The beech, oak and hornbeam forests of the area are rich in game, and the park of the Perczel Manor Park is also well endowed with natural graces. Of especial interest is the all-round panorama which it offers to the neighbouring countryside. Here one may find rare pines, evergreen bamboos and ancient chestnut trees. A rain shelter, an ornithological hide and footpaths have been built. Accommodation is available in the manor, whilst its cellars are suitable for parties and conferences. The Catholic church, renovated in 1998, was originally built by the Kerczer family and devoted to the Holy Virgin.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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