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7800 Siklós, Kossuth tér 1.
Tel.: 72/579-500
Fax: 72/579-503
Webpage: www.siklos.hu
E-mail: varoshaza@siklos.hu
Mayor:Dr. Marenics János
Tel.: 72/579-500
E-mail: titkarsag@siklos.hu

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Between the historic castle walls

Gazing from Tenkes Hill towards the River Dráva we look over the sunniest part of the country and Siklós Castle, proudly ruling over its bustling small town.
The first cultural mark - still evident today - was left by the sandals of the Roman legionaries, in the form of the introduction of viticulture and viniculture. They also left a mosaic-floored villa and many carved column-capitals and sarcophagae, some of which are on public view. The area, rich in natural treasures, was given the name of an ethnic group derived from Kán the conqueror, the Soklyósi, under which name the castle is first mentioned in the 13th Century.
The historical heritage reaches into the recently restored town centre too and of note are the Serbian Orthodox church and the Turkish mosque. The fame of the local wines has reached afar and thanks to them Siklós has become a centre of agriculture and trade over the centuries.
The Dráva Project has also made a contribution, providing a tour station at the arboretum and effecting the restoration of the former Postal Hostelry, which now caters for hikers, cyclists and riders.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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