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7960 Sellye, Dózsa György utca 1.
Tel.: 73/ 580-900
Fax: 73/ 580-900
Webpage: www.sellye.hu
E-mail: hivatal@sellye.hu
Mayor:Nagy Attila
Tel.: 73/580-900
E-mail: polgarmester@sellye.hu

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Arboretum in the manor park

Although Sellye was decreed a town in 1997 its golden age in the past was during the time of King Mátyás, when it was an estate and religious centre. The Franciscan Cloister was burnt down by the Turks in 1532, as was the 14th Century castle. Today the town is famous for the Baroque-style Draskovich manor-house, currently serving as a student hostel. It is surrounded by the arboretum, which was planted in 1760-70, then on a 15-hectare site. It was placed under protection in 1995 in consideration of its 335 species of trees, including the Giant Redwood. Next to here is the Museum. It is worth visiting if you would like a thorough insight into the life of the Ormánság. It contains material on folk art, vernacular architecture and the local lifestyle. The town offers many interesting events for the tourist, amongst which we find the Art Camp, the Youth Art Camp, the Town Fete, street parties and the Grape-harvest Procession. The Melon Festival is worthy of special mention; a fruit of especial importance here. The town also has a tourist information office and some fine swimming pools, set in a large park.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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