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8858 Porrog, Fő u. 32.
Tel.: 82/571-161, 30/450-9012
Fax: 82/571-162
Webpage: www.porrog.hu
E-mail: porrog@somogy.hu
Mayor:Merõtey Katalin
Tel.: 82/571-161
E-mail: porrog@somogy.hu

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The Turkish Pond recreation area

The settlement is surrounded by game-rich forests, pine-tree plantations and fruit gardens. Many of the houses in the single street nestling on the hillside catch the eye with their plaster-relief decoration. However, the inhabitants of Porrog are proudest of a newer building, the Evangelist chapel, sanctified in 1996. The chapel was built around the centuries-old bell tower, and to this were added memorials to the casualties of the two World Wars. The locals are faithful to the traditions of their ancestors, one of the merriest of which is the wine competition and dance held in early spring. During the middles ages there was a military camp near to the border of Porrogszentkirály, where the Turkish cavalry, journeying towards the Kanizsa Castle, and the Hungarian knights stopped to water their horses. A crescent moon on a post bears memorial to these times. Around this is an eco-tourist and historic site with a picnic place, where the weary traveller may enjoy the benefits of the campfire, benches, tables and drinking water. The area is known as the Turkish Pond in memory of the former watering hole.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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