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8854 Őrtilos, Rákóczi út 29.
Tel.: 82/735-850, 30/630-6075
Fax: 82/596-062
E-mail: ortilos@mail.techno-tel.hu
Mayor:Kunos Zoltán Lajosné
Tel.: 82/735-850
E-mail: ortilos@mail.techno-tel.hu

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Opening the borders on the Dráva

Standing at the harbour of Őrtilos we may see the meeting of the rivers Dráva and Mura, and the dangerous currents resulting, which demand respect, particularly from canoeists. A short walk from here we find the comfortable and spacious recreation centre. Adapted from the former school, a large function room, library and office, and a small kitchen and showering facilities await the tourist. The route to Szentmihály Hill starts from the riverside railway station and weaves through the vineyards, finally offering a wonderful view of the River Dráva. St. Michael's church, on the hill top, was built in the 18th century on foundations dating from the Middle Ages. Annually, on the Sundays following the Day of Saint Mihály and Saint Anna, a border crossing is temporarily opened on the Drává, and a ferry carries the Croatian and Hungarian people across the river. The New Zrínyi Castle once stood on the Belezna side of Őrtilos, but following the Turkish seize of 1664, this was never renovated. The unique flora and fauna of the Dráva may be studied on a 10 kilometre nature trail along its banks.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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