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7500 Nagyatád, Baross G. u. 9.
Tel.: 82/504-500
Fax: 82/504-555
Webpage: www.nagyatad.hu
E-mail: varoshaza@nagyatad.hu
Mayor:Ormai István
Tel.: 82/504-501
E-mail: varoshaza@nagyatad.hu

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The town of sculptures and baths

Nagyatád is a pleasant and memorable town, full of flowers, sculptures, restaurants and baths. In the town centre the ancient trees of the park cast their shadow over the hundred-year-old baths, whose alkaline hydro-carbonic waters are very effectual for diseases of the spine, cartilage and joint disorders. Drinking of the medicinal waters is also recommended for complaints of the stomach. Information is available from the professional staff and a doctor is always on duty.
One of the chief attractions of the town is the large number of public sculptures. The International Wood Sculpture Workshop opened here over thirty years ago and has spread the name of the town throughout the world. The monumental sculptures form a remarkable sight and it is well worth taking a closer look. Thanks to the Dráva Project a new house has been built for visiting artists and a 300m2 exhibition of Somogy County's flora and fauna awaits the public.
Also the boating lake and swimming baths should not be left out. The latter lies in grounds of 6 hectares, whilst the nearby campsite may be found in its own 3-hectare site.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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