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7854 Matty, Petőfi u. 2/A
Tel.: 72/599-030
E-mail: mattyonk.@freemail.hu
Mayor:Fallerné Knopf Zita
Tel.: 72/599-030
E-mail: zitaknopf@citromail.hu

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The ornithological memorial-park

"Matty?" "The fishing lake", is the reply when the people of Baranya County are asked if they know this village with a strange sounding name. In fact the first written mention dates back 800 years. Earlier this was marshy country, offering good protection, even in the Turkish period. Beside the village may be found the "Pantheum Avium", a memorial park to birdlife, in which wooden posts bear witness to the native bird species that have now been lost; to the extinct, whom no longer roam the skies. Some of the posts also have Transylvanian runic engravings, denoting the origin of the carpenters. The Three Rivers Bicycle Route touches on the ornithological memorial-park, thus presupposing many visitors to this unusual attraction. Thanks to the developments of the Dráva Project there is now a roof under which to rest and campfire cooking facilities in this beautiful small village. Those looking for accommodation will find a guesthouse, whilst the 'Hótedra' awaits anglers. Riding and hunting are also available, for the descendents of the famous Draskovich stags still stake out their territory today.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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