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7847 Kovácshida, Felszabadulás u. 11.
Tel.: 72/580-500
Fax: 72/580-500
E-mail: kovacshida.kj@axelero.hu
Mayor:Küzdő-Ábrahám Edit
E-mail: kovacshida.kj@axelero.hu

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Outstanding examples of vernacular decorative art

Kovácshida is only 4 kilometres from the baths of Harkány and like other villages near to the spa town Kovácshida has prepared for the arrival of tourists, be they hikers, riders or cyclists. Arrivals may be ensured of a roof over their head and the chance to rest and wash. The facilities also offer a special exhibition presenting the flora and fauna of the protected ancient marshlands. The nearby sports ground also offers the possibility for active relaxation. The village is first mentioned in written form in 1342. During the Turkish occupation the villagers changed their religion to Protestantism. Built in 1853, the Neo-classical church boasts a painted wood-panelled ceiling and painted choir, pulpit, lectern and psalm boards, all of which are wonderful examples of the vernacular decorative arts of the Ormánság. We also know that the paintings were made by the master of the Kóros church, János Gyarmati, the carpenter of Vajszló. Well known too are the string of fishing lakes, which have been attractively arranged by the angling society and attract around 6000 anglers annually.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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