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8851 Gyékényes, Szabadság tér 7.
Tel.: 82/596-012
Fax: 82/596-014
Webpage: www.gyekenyes.hu
E-mail: jegyzo@gyekenyes.hu
Mayor:Kisiván István
Tel.: 82/596-012
Fax: 82/596-014
E-mail: polgarmester@gyekenyes.hu

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The pure water of Lake Kotró

One of the hot spots of national and international diving may be found at Gyékényes. The village has become renowned thanks to the quarry lakes lying beside it. Of these the largest is Lake Kotró, which has hosted diving events, (including European and World Championships,) for years. The traditional Nagyatád Triathlon Competition also begins with the swimming of this lake. Also well known to anglers, trout of 20 kilos or more are not unusual. Thanks to the newly constructed lookout tower you do not even need to walk to see the many of the sights of this area. The new information centre, sited near the Diving Centre, hosts exhibitions of angling and the natural treasures of the national park. The Evangelist church was built in the neo-gothic style in 1887 and the neo-classicist Roman Catholic church between 1830-35. The Kossuth Supper has been traditional in Gyékényes for over a century. The locals meet annually on the weekend following March 15th to commemorate the events of the 1848-49 uprising. Originally this was a private event, but today many arrive from far away to witness this early spring event.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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