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7584 Babócsa, Rákóczi u. 12.
Tel.: 82/491-031
Webpage: www.babocsa.hu
E-mail: babocsa@somogy.hu
Mayor:Jungné Kovács Piroska
Tel.: 82/491-031
E-mail: babocsa@somogy.hu

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Narcissus garden of the Pasha

Flower-filled meadows, forests full of game and a special surprise - a 12 hectare blanket of white narcissus - await visitors to Babócsa. During the Turkish occupation the Pasha built a palace, Turkish bath, and seraglio here, planting the garden of narcissus for the ladies of his harem. At the end of April, during their flowering, a rich cultural and sports programme is organised in the Pasha Garden. The Princze Manor offers a rich archaeological collection. Walk up Castle Hill to view the church, in which the members of the Somssich family are laid to rest amongst frescoes painted by Gyula Merész. In the Middle Ages Babócsa was one of Somogy County's most significant settlements, to which the underground ruins bare witness. More information on the subject is available at the keeper's house at the entrance to the Pasha Garden, to the right of which lie the remains of the Saint Egyed church, whilst crossing the bridge opposite, we find the banks of the castle. Babócsa also provides possibilities for bathing, angling, hunting as well as gastronomic treats, in the form of the annual Bean Festival.
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Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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