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Bike tours:
The "Three rivers bike tour" coming from Austria along the river Mura reaches the Country at Őrtilos. From here it goes through the gentle slopes of the South Baranya Hills all the way down to the Danube. The route, wherever its possible, goes on the embankment, paralell to the river on low traffic roads.

Route: (Austria - Slovenia) - Tornyiszentmiklós oh. - Letenye - Murakeresztúr - Őrtilos - Zákány - Gyékényes - Csurgó - Berzence - Somogyudvarhely - Bélavár - Vízvár - Heresznye - Bolhó - Babócsa - Komlósd - Drávaszentes - Barcs - Drávatamási - Drávagárdony - Kastélyosdombó - Potony - Tótújfalu - Szentborbás - Felsőszentmárton - Révfalu - Drávasztára - Vejti gátőrház - Mailáthpusztai gátőrház - Drávaszabolcsi gátőrház - Keselyősfapusztai gátőrház - Matty - Siklós (Harkány, Máriagyűd) - Nagytótfalu - Kisharsány - Nagyharsány - Villány - Pócsa - Borjád - Bóly (Békáspuszta) - Nagynyárád - Sátorhely - Kölked - Mohács. (235 km)

Qualified bike tour guides: :

Benedek Anikó 20/418-3827 benedek58@gmail.com
Cziráki László 70/313-3817 laszlo.cziraki@citromail.hu
Fábián Zoltán 20/3226-455 f4351@freemail.hu
Gaják Gabriella 70/3100070 gajakgabi@freemail.hu
Görög Imre 72/254-627, 20/5911297 gorogcsalad@freemail.hu
Horváth Gábor 20/414-9343 horvath.gabor@barcs.hu
Kaiser Ákos 20/2624845 info@dalmatapartman.hu
Kisgyörgy Péter 30/458-2980 kisi13@freemail.hu
Laszinger Imre 72/480-087 varioman@freemail.hu
László Szilvia 06-30-255-7112 kektravel@mail.tvnet.hu
Magyar Zsolt 70/4545-733 magyar.zsolt@gmail.com
Nagy Gábor 70/246-2534 koppyka@freemail.hu
Bali Tímea 20/475-3400 bali.timi@freemail.hu
Szabó Gábor 30/9393883 szaki8@t-online.hu
Tóth Jenő 20/466-7779 jeno.t@freemail.hu
Trick Richárd 70/775-2043 trickrihard@freemail.hu
Turnáné Kristóf Erika 30/3588-502 erikakmail@freemail.hu

Water tours:
The full Hungarian section of the Drava river (236 fkm- 70,5 fkm) is under landscape protection as part of the Duna-Drava National Park.
The protection of the plant and animal communities is the aim of everyone. This gives the uniqueness of the water tourism but also creates requirements. The National Park primarily supports the quality water ecotourism (kenuing) with the introduction of the area. Therefore to prevent overload of the river there are time, space and participant limits. The permits needed for touring is provided by the DDNPI to the organizers or the participants. If the watertour passes the borders the participants need to get their permissions from the Borderguards too.
Time opened for tours: 01 June - 15 September.

Multi-day tours:

Start point: Vízvár (191 fkm) or Őrtilos (236 fkm)
End point: Drávaszabolcs port (78 fkm)
Maximum number of people: 35
There are 7 camping points available on the bank of the river that are furnished with waste collection bins, toilets, information boards, fireplaces, log tables and benches.
Camping points: Őrtilos, train station (236 fkm) -Vízvár, ferry port (190 fkm) - Barcs, Drava bridge (152,3 fkm) - Szentborbás, waterhouse (133 fkm) -Drávasztára, port (115,5 fkm) - Vejti, ferry (98 fkm) - Drávaszabolcs, bank next to the public road (78 fkm)
There are resting points along the river but nights can not be spent there.
Resting points: Heresznye, boat port (185 fkm) - Csomoros-island (149 fkm) Drávatamási, DDNPI Education Center (144 fkm) - Kisszentmárton- Majláthpuszta (96 fkm)
Applications due: till 31st of March of the given year

Single day tours:

- Without permittion on the whole section: Barcs - Csomoros-sziget - Barcs (6 km), Csomoros-sziget (149 fkm) és a Sánc (157 fkm) in the section between
- With permittion ang guide Barcs - Csomoros-sziget - Drávatamási (10 km) Barcs - Csomoros sziget - Drávatamási - Szentborbás (20 km)
Heresznye - Barcs (32 km)
Vízvár - Barcs (38 km)
Applications due: minimum 10 days prior the planned tour

Route of the barcs cruising boat:
Barcs - Csomoros-sziget - Drávatamási
Barcs - Csomoros-sziget - Barcs
Barcs - Sánc ( the Hungarian forestry on the other side of the Drava)

Study paths along the Drava
  1. Zákány - Őrtilos Vasút-side study path
    The 10 km long path reaches the train stations of Gyékényes and Őrtilos, and the train stops at Zákány and Belezna. The tourist can see the hornbeam-oak forests and admire the panorama from the Lato-hill and the Szentmihály-hill.

  2. Dráva-floodplain at Őrtilos
    The almost 2 km lond study path starts from the train station, the starting point of the drava water tours and with the help of 20 informative boards introduces the natural values of the Drava and its floodplain to the visitors. At the start visitors can view the outstanding site of the connection of the two rivers, the Mura and the Drava.

  3. Floodplain study path
    Stating from the center of Vízvar a half an hour walk is the study path leading to the water tour camping site. Large boards introduce the wildlife of the Drava river and the forests of the floodplain.

  4. Erzsébet-island study path
    Starting from the train station of Babócsa, along a marked route passing by the Mérus forest we reach the Erzsébet island. On the island information boards introduce the fauna and flora of the forests of the floodplain.

  5. Mérus-forest study path
    Between the train station of Babócsa and the Erzsébet island, somewhere half way we can find this study path that introduces the environment friendly forestry work to the visitors in the "forever forest" Mérus forest.

  6. Drávaszentes study path
    Starting from the center of the town, along a 2 km long dirt road visitors can meet the history and wildlife of the peachy meadows. The road starting from the centre passes by the exhibition of native animals, than ends at the bird watch tower created at the watery floodplain of the Rinya creek. The field is the home of the grey cow herd of the National Park.

  7. Juniper study path
    The 2 km long study path is situated next to the parking lot of the car resting station in the section of the road #6 between Darány and Barcs. Unfortunately some of the information boards got destroyed in the fire in August 2000. The study path introduces the typical pland and animal communities of the sand plains of Inner-Somogy. The area is the home of the racka sheep herd of the National Park

  8. Csomoros-island study path (149 fkm ofthe Drava river)
    This special study path can be found on the islend of the Drava located 3 km-s from Barcs. The island can be rwached freely by water vehicles (cruisig boat, kajak-kenu). More than twenty information boards introduce the wildlife of the Drava river and its islands.

  9. Kormorános forest study path
    In the East-Drava area, passing the Bird Memorial Park of Matty at the border of Keselyősfapuszta the study path introduces the wildlife of the floodplain of the Drava river. Walking through old river beds, we reach the actual river and can look at the great number of cormorant colonies nesting on the other side.
Marked tour routes

Blue stripe: Villány train station - Tenkes restaurant -Diósviszló - Drávapalkonya - Mailáthpuszta - Vejti, port - Drávasztára - Sellye train station

Completed under the auspices of "The Dráva Complex Eco-tourism Development Project".
Project co-funded by the European Union.
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